About Us

You probably know us from Instagram or Facebook. Our mission is to deliver the best dance content there is out there to provide not only entertainment, but more importantly creative and artistic inspiration. But our brand doesn't end there...

First, let us ask you something: What is your favorite "D" word? We know ours is DANCE. You probably (/hopefully) didn't think of anything else and got that one right! But now on to the next question, let's see if you also get this one right! What is your favorite "P" word? No, it's not what you are thinking... Let us help you out. What are the cutest things in this world? If you thought "PUPPIES" you got it right! 

Well, those two words are exactly what our apparel brand is known for: We combine two of the best things in this world, LIT DANCEMOVES and CUTE PUPPIES, to bring you both the dopest and the cutest Hip Hop apparel on the market. There is nothing quite like this out there, you don't want to miss out!